Meet our 2018 Fulbright scholar

Fulbright scholar, Kevin Ryan Williams, graduated from LAMDA this summer and will be featuring in the US showcases, happening in New York and Los Angeles in October. As a scholarship recipient, Kevin talks to us about the difference that financial contributions can make...

"It is important for me to say that my being at LAMDA couldn’t have happened without the Fulbright award. This scholarship has not only enabled me to have an amazing experience in the best drama school in the world, but I have had the opportunity to broaden my experience as a human being. I continuously meet wonderful people and make lifelong friendships that I know will help me grow as a person. I changed every day in the UK through cultural relations, art, and travel experiences that it almost seems like a spiritual baptism of becoming a new person. I think, “Where would I be if it were not for these great people who took a chance on me?” Well, I’d still be in Brooklyn struggling as an artist and praying for any small jobs to help me make ends meet. This experience at LAMDA and in London has changed me inside and out, I realize there is an entirely bigger world outside of the United States that can and should be experienced. Education is so important - not only within a school-setting but outside of educational walls as well where one can learn what society and nature have to offer. If it weren’t for this support, I would have never realized this."

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